About Us

Indulge In a Getaway at Our Sriracha Residence

At S. Sriracha Hotel & Residence, we aim to be distinctive among our peers. We achieve that by incorporating a unique blend of cultures into our service style and the design our hotel. We pull heavy influence from Japanese culture in the functionality and minimalism of our sleek property. Paired with the humility of Thai service, a modern oasis by the sea is born. Our Sriracha residence — where life meets living — is an innovative haven for travelers of all kinds.

Revel in the thoughtful design that went into our ultramodern haven firsthand. Experience true relaxation within the walls of our Sriracha resort by reaching out to rsvnmgr@ssriracha.com or dialing +6638183888 to engage in a conversation with one of our guest experience professionals about your booking. Enjoy the signature Thai-Japanese service we offer before you even step onto our property. We look forward to welcoming you at S. Sriracha Hotel & Residence, where life meetings living.